Happy Birthday to Me


I always wanted to have a birthday party at McDonald’s. Normally the glassed-in section at the McDonald’s in High Point was for anyone to sit and eat, but you knew when the entrance was blocked off by high chairs that some lucky kid was about to have their birthday party. Balloons were also a dead giveaway. The lure came not from the hamburgers (which I still love, but now guiltily) or the specially designed Ronald McDonald cake. I think it was more the exposure. You got to be the one in the glass room, the entire restaurant knew it was your birthday, and even the employees had to be especially nice to you that day. My birthday parties were my cousins coming over and my mom making me a cake and decorating it with buttercream roses. Which was fine, but I still wanted McDonald’s.



I Love Rain


This picture shows exactly how I feel about rain. I know Hurricane Matthew is moving up the east coast as I type, and I know a lot of people have lost their lives and their belongings due to this historic storm. My husband hurts when it rains, due to his brain injury from the car wreck. But I still love rain.

A Couple of Book Reviews


Mudbound by Hillary Jordan

Laura McAllan is having a difficult time adjusting to life as a farmer’s wife in post-World War II Mississippi. Caring for her children, husband, father-in-law, and her alluring brother-in-law Jamie makes Laura question her path in life. Yet others around her are also struggling. Ronsel, son of black sharecroppers, comes home a war hero only to find that in Mississippi he is still a second class citizen. Racial tensions flare as Ronsel and Jamie strike up a forbidden friendship. Members of the town vow to take matters into their own hands, and Jamie is forced to join the hatred of his neighbors and must make a decision that will impact Ronsel’s, and Laura’s, life forever.

snow child

The Snow Child
by Eowyn Ivey

Distraught with not being able to conceive, Jack and Mabel decide to move as far away. They arrive in Alaska in 1920 and must try to keep their crumbling marriage intact among the cold and brutal Alaskan wilderness. In a brief moment of happiness, Jack and Mabel build a snowman, only to find that in the morning it has disappeared. In its place is a young blonde girl watching them from the woods. Mabel is certain that it is their snow child come to life, offering them happiness at last. But Jack isn’t so sure and wonders if it a cruel joke, or if the child is even real.

A Movable Feast


Today I attended Bookmarks’ 2nd Annual “A Movable Feast” at the Milton Rhodes Center in downtown Winston-Salem. There were some fabulous authors there, and the stuffed cherry tomatoes and cucumber sandwiches were not bad, either. They have more events planned for this year, so check them out: bookmarksnc.org

She Talked Me to Deaf

going deaf

Remember when Andy Griffith told Opie, “And to think I was happy when you learned to talk”?

That’s exactly how I feel about Sarah. While I am grateful for the open lines of communication (especially from a 7th grader deep in the trenches of Drama), sometimes I have to stop her and say, “I can’t listen that much.”

This has proved to be prophetic.

hearing test

My doctor showed me my hearing test results on a piece of paper. Everything above the orange line is “normal.” As you can see, most of my marks fall below. Some way below. That is the moderate-to-severe stage of hearing loss. He said my ears have essentially worn out. He compared it to faulty wiring. After so much use, it just doesn’t work as well as it used to. He said if he didn’t know my true age, then based on my scores he would guess that I was in the 65-70 years old range.


And, it will only keep getting worse. He advised me to avoid mowing the yard, shooting guns, or any other noises that are above normal conversation level. Loud noises will only make it get worse faster. There IS a way to make my hearing better but it would require getting hearing aids for both ears. And at $1,500-$3,000 each, I’ve decided that becoming deaf isn’t so bad. I actually kind of like it. It’s quiet in here.

Stomach Bug



The Stomach Bug: vomiting, cold chills, nausea, hot flashes, more vomiting (not to mention what is going on at the other end). Through it all, Zoey was right beside me. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t brushed my teeth, that I hadn’t showered in two days, or that I didn’t have the energy to feed her. Just feeling that warm body cuddled up next to me during one of my grossest moments lets me know that true love does indeed exist.

Escape from Al-libro-catraz


When I arrived at work yesterday, this was what met me at employee entrance to the library. All these books with their faces (ah-hum, covers) waiting expectantly for me. Well, not really for me, but a girl can dream. Anybody want to guess why these books were outside? And no, they did not escape from the library! (Library employees are not allowed to answer)